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At the Law Office of Paula Kane, we represent clients in a range of divorce and family law matters in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. With a background in accounting, Los Angeles high net worth divorce lawyer Paula Kane brings exceptional experience and knowledge to every case we handle. With a focus on complex, high net worth divorces, we have represented individuals in the entertainment and music industry, writers, actors, lawyers and other professionals in a range of divorce matters, including:

  • High asset divorce and marital property division: We have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding valuation issues, tax complications, division of business interests and division of marital property involving large assets.
  • Custody and support issues: We work with our clients to protect their children and their interests in parenting plans and support decrees.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: A prenup or postnup can help you protect your assets long before divorce proceedings begin. Obviously, people do not plan to get divorced, but if it happens, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help ensure your interests in advance.

We have experience working with expert witnesses, financial experts and other professionals to give our clients the best representation possible.

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Trial Experience

Individuals throughout Southern California of the Law Office of Paula Kane receive focused representation, backed by a wealth of litigation experience. We prepare for trial early on in our divorce cases. Even in cases that reach settlement before trial, this preparation is essential to putting our clients in the best negotiating position. When a divorce or other family law matter needs to be litigated, we are prepared.

Personalized Service

Clients of the Law Office of Paula Kane receive exceptional, personalized service. We make ourselves available to you when you need us, we will keep you updated on any important developments and we will walk you through every aspect of your case. With larger law firms, cases get passed on from one lawyer to another, and it is not uncommon for details to get missed in these exchanges and for clients to get lost in the shuffle. At the Law Office of Paula Kane, we have all of the experience and resources of the larger firms, with a personalized focus on your unique needs.

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